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Breast Diagnostic Enrollment/Follow-Up Treatment
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Cervical Diagnostic Enrollment/Follow-Up Treatment

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2014 Women's and Men's Health Provider Contract Manual
Women's and Men's Health Fee Schedule 
(2014-15), REVISED 10/2014
Income Eligibility Guidelines (2014-15) 

What is Every Woman Matters?
How do clients qualify?
How does my facility become a provider?
What are the benefits of becoming provider?

Nebraska Colon Cancer Screening Program
Submission of Claims and Documentation Policy

State Pap Plus Program Provider Update
State Pap Plus Program Q & A
(revised 07/17/14)

To download the Pap Plus form(s), please complete this short Survey. Once you enter the information, the form will be made available to you. The program will be using this information when there are updates to send out for the State Pap Plus Program.

Archive: Provider Updates
PDF file Provider Letter (2012)
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Client Letter (2012)
PDF file Provider Notification Update (2011)
PDF file Procedure in Verifying Immigration Status (2011)
PDF file Letter Regarding Clients with Rectal Bleeding

PDF Cervical Treatment Eligibility Update (2009)
PDF WiseWomen Policy Update (2008)
PDF Breast Policy Update (2008)
PDF Cervical Policy Update (2008)


What is Every Woman Matters?

Every Woman Matters is a program that can help women get health check-ups. EWM may pay for exams based on health history and program guidelines.

Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening:
            -Pelvic exam with a Pap test
            -Clinical breast exam
            -Teaching of breast self exam

Heart Disease and Diabetes Screening:
            -Blood pressure check
            -Cholesterol check
            -Blood sugar (glucose) check
            -Health and wellness information for living a healthier life

 How do clients qualify?

  • Women must be 40 and 74 years of age
  • Must be a citizen or legal resident of Nebraska

  • They must meet program income guidelines PDF file Income Eligibility Guidelines (2014-15)
  • Must not have health insurance that would pay for preventive services

How does your facility become an Every Woman Matters provider?

All providers in the state have an opportunity to participate in the Every Woman Matters program.  If you are interested, please call us at 800-532-2227 and ask for Provider Contracts.  Or, you may email us at dhhs.ewm@nebraska.gov. All providers who participate agree to:

What are the benefits of becoming an Every Woman Matters provider?
  • Free or low-cost educational opportunities
  • Professional and continuing education information
  • Marketing of your facility to a health network of over 50,000 women
  • Being part of a health network of over 750 providers and many community partners
  • Reminders to your clients about checkups
  • Opportunity to build your community by being a resource to low-to-moderate income women by providing necessary women’s health screening services
  • Case management services for clients with abnormal test results

Timely Submission of Claims and Documentation Policy

Claims for services provided during a previous Fiscal Year (July 1- June 30) must be received by EWM/NCP with primary Explanation of Benefits and documentation by December 31st following the end of the Fiscal Year. Claims received after the filing deadline will be entered into the EWM/NCP Billing System and denied for Timely Filing. Claims denied for Timely Filing may not be billed to the client(s).

For more information, contact:
Women's and Men's Health Programs
Every Woman Matters
301 Centennial Mall South, 3rd Floor
P.O. Box 94817
Lincoln, NE 68509-4817
In Lincoln:  (402) 471-0929
Outside Lincoln:  (800) 532-2227
Fax: (402) 471-0913 or (402) 742-2379
TDD: (800) 833-7352
E-mail: dhhs.ewm@nebraska.gov

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Nebraska Colon Cancer Screening Program

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