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Here at the Nebraska Office of Women's and men's Health / Every Women Matters Program we feel that the best way to effectively spread the news about our mission, "to help the women and men in Nebraska lead healthier lives," is to hear from YOU.

As our office creates educational materials, health campaigns, brochures, logos and website pages, we want a group of committed consumers to tell us what they think of our work. Tell us what works and what doesn't.

Our hope is that your insight will help us more effectively educate the Nebraska public about health and wellness

If you are interested in joining our group, please print, fill out, and return the following form to us.

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For more detailed information about the Consumer Group's Mission and Vision, please scroll down.


  1. The Consumer Group‘s Mission is “to help women and men in Nebraska lead healthier lives.”

  2. By gathering your valuable opinions on the various educational materials that are developed by the Every Woman Matters and Nebraska Colon Cancer Screening Programs, we hope improve the health of men and women in Nebraska.


  1. To be a consumer-based group, dedicated to fulfilling the mission statement.

  2. The group has the continuing goals of:

    1. providing valuable opinions/input in regards to existing and newly developed program materials;

    2. providing valuable opinions/input in regards to messaging;

    3. providing valuable opinions/input for social marketing and public awareness campaigns;

    4. providing valuable opinions/input for readability ease and presentation for existing and newly developed materials.

  3. Providing valuable opinions/input on how to improve the Web sites,, and to encourage those at risk to be screened and to maintain healthy lifestyles across Nebraska.

Any other goals of the Health Marketing Consumer Group should work toward early detection, education, compassion, awareness of women’s and men's health issues in communities, and medical communities, of Nebraska, and for improving the lives of Nebraskans.

Contact Information:
Nebraska Office of Women’s Health
P.O. Box 94817
Lincoln, NE 68509-4817
Toll-free 877-257-0073

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