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Winter 2010-2011

Healthy Holiday Recipes

fruit bowl

Herb-Rubbed Turkey Au Jus
from Mayo Clinic

TIP: Instead of adding butter to the turkey and serving it with gravy, this healthy version is complemented with an herbal rub and a flavorful au jus. Serves 10. PDF fileFull Recipe

Grapes and Walnuts with Lemon Sour Cream Sauce
from Mayo Clinic
TIP: The colorful outermost layer of the lemon, called the zest, is full of essential oils that contribute lively flavor and aroma to this sour cream sauce. Remove the zest by grating it with the fine rasps of a hand-held grater to form fine particles. PDF fileFull Recipe

Fresh Fruit Kebabs with Lemon Lime Dip
from Mayo Clinic

TIP: These kebabs work well with any type of fruit, including more exotic types such as star fruit, kumquats or prickly pears. To prevent fruit from browning, dip in pineapple or orange juice.
PDF fileFull Recipe

The Every Woman Matters program and the Nebraska Colon Cancer Screening program provide free or low-cost health screenings to eligible men and women. Our Programs

Tips for Keeping Your New Year's Resolutions resolutions


People have great hopes of changing what they do not like about themselves, yet within a couple of weeks after New Year, they have broken or given up on their New Year's Resolutions.
PDF fileFull Articl e


Do-It-Yourself Gifts
homemade gifts

Peppermint Pretzels
These peppermint pretzels are really simple to create, and they make terrific inexpensive gifts for the holidays.
PDF fileFull Article
Recipes In a Jar
Making recipes in a jar is so quick and easy! I've given these out for Christmas in gift baskets, and people always love to get them. PDF fileFull Article
Chocolate Spoons
Making chocolate spoons is really quick and super simple! Use them in warm milk to make hot chocolate, or in coffee to give it a yummy flavor.
PDF fileFull Article                                                                                   
Personalized Magnets
Learning how to make magnets is quite simple if you follow the directions below. PDF fileFull Article

Healthy Fast Food
By Jennifer R. Scott,

healthy food

This holiday season don't let shopping-inspired hunger cause your healthy eating to fall by the wayside. Healthy food court meals are on the menu! Mix and match choices from this list to create calorie-smart and healthy meals on the go.Click on links below for a list of healthy menu choices.
Anne's Pretzels
Boston Market
Burger King
Dairy Queen
Panda Express
Panera Bread
Starbucks Coffee
Taco Bell

Stuff the Turkey, Not Your Belly
By Dr. Jack SmithAte Too Much Graphic

It’s easy to “pig out” during the holidays. Dinner dates, family breakfasts, holiday lunches, brunches and traditional family dinners provide ample opportunities for eating, eating and more eating. A study by the National Institute of Health (NIH) shows that most Americans gain two pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) offers a few tips to help overcome the urge to overeat. PDF fileFull Article

Dry Skin: Stop the Itch-Scratch Cycle
itchy skin
You don't need an expert to tell you if your skin is dry. Look for rough, scaly patches on your legs, back, arms or waist. They're the areas that you forget about in your concentration on moisturizing your face and hands, and they can itch. PDF file  Full Article

Tips to Prevent Holiday Stress and Depression
By Mayo Clinic

When stress is at its peak, it's hard to stop and regroup. Try to prevent stress and depression in the first place, especially if the holidays have taken an emotional toll on you in the past. PDF fileFull Article

happy holidays

Our Programs

Every Women Matters provides free or low-cost health screenings to women, ages 40 through 64, who have little or no health insurance, and who meet specific income guidelines. Services may include the following:
Breast & Cervical Screening:
• Pelvic exam with a Pap test
• Clinical breast exam
• Mammogram
• Teaching of breast self exam
Heart Disease& Diabetes Screening:
• Cholesterol check
• Blood pressure check
• Blood sugar (glucose) check
• Personalized information and support for living a healthier life.

The Nebraska Health and Human Services’ Colon Cancer Screening Program helps Nebraska men and women who are 50 years of age and older, make decisions about important colon cancer screenings. Upon receipt of a colon cancer enrollment, program staff reviews personal and family history to assist clients in deciding which tests are best. Services may include the following:

• Fecal Occult Blood Test (FOBT) kit for at-home testing
• Colonoscopy
• Personalized information and support for living a healthier life.

Information regarding the programs and services within the Nebraska Office of Women’s and Men’s Health can also be found by calling 1-800-532-2227.

Auntie Anne's Pretzels

original pretzel without butter, half - 170 calories

Junior roast beef - 273 calories
Martha's Vineyard Market Fresh Salad (no dressing) - 277 calories
Martha's Vineyard Market Fresh Salad with Light Buttermilk Ranch dressing - 389 calories
Market Fresh Mini Turkey & Cheese Sandwich - 235 calories

Boston Market
Asian grilled chicken salad (no dressing/hold the noodles) - 300 calories
Tortilla soup (no toppings) - 80 calories

Burger King
Fire-grilled chicken garden salad (no dressing or toast) - 310 calories
Whopper Jr. - 370 calories
BK Veggie Burger (no mayo) (340 calories) and small fries (230 calories) - 570 calories
4-piece chicken tenders - 170 calories
Garden salad with Ken's Border Ranch Dressing - 125 calories

Dairy Queen
Grilled chicken salad (no dressing) - 240 calories
Grilled chicken sandwich - 340 calories
DQ Homestyle burger - 290 calories

One original recipe drumstick - 140 calories
Honey BBQ KFC Snacker (220 calories) and corn on the cob (70 calories) - 290 calories
Baked beans - 230 calories
Tender Roast Chicken Sandwich (no sauce) - 390 calories
Original Recipe Chicken Sandwich (no sauce) - 320 calories

Panda Express
Beef with broccoli - 150 calories
Black pepper chicken - 200 calories
Mandarin chicken - 250 calories

Panera Bread
Low-fat vegetarian black bean soup - 160 calories
Low-fat vegetarian garden vegetable soup - 90 calories
Smoked turkey breast sandwich on sour dough - 230 calories
Classic Café Salad - 170 calories

Starbucks Coffee

Caffe Mocha, tall (nonfat milk, no whip) - 174 calories
Cappuccino, tall (nonfat milk) - 75 calories

Turkey breast 6" sandwich - 280 calories
Veggie Delite salad - 60 calories
Grilled chicken breast strips salad - 140 calories
Sweet onion chicken Teriyaki 6" sandwich - 370 calories
6" Oven Roasted Chicken Breast with swiss cheese and light mayo - 410 calories
6" Veggie Delite - 230 calories
6" Bourbon chicken sub - 350 calories
6" roast beef sub - 290 calories

Taco Bell
Two "Fresco Style" Ranchero chicken soft tacos - 280 calories
One spicy chicken soft taco - 190 calories
Taco salad (no shell) - 420 calories
Soft taco, Fresco style - 190 calories
Pintos 'n Cheese - 180 calories

Chicken McNuggets Happy Meal (4 piece chicken McNuggets, small fries, and 12-oz. beverage) - 500 calories
One regular hamburger - 250 calories
Hamburger Happy Meal with Apple Dippers and 1% milk as side choices - 460 calories
McChicken sandwich - 360 calories
Fruit 'n Yogurt Parfait - 160 calories

Small chili (220 calories) and a plain baked potato (270 calories) - 490 calories
Ultimate Chicken Grill Sandwich - 370 calories
Mandarin Chicken Salad and small soda - 310 calories
Roasted Turkey and Basil Frescata - 420 calories
Roasted Turkey and Basil Frescata without pesto - 350 calories
Kids' size fries - 280 calories
Jr. cheeseburger - 240 calories

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