West Nile Virus Surveillance Program

Educational Projects

Twenty Nebraska District and City-County Health Departments wereMattie the Mosquito challenged to develop new and innovative West Nile Virus Educational materials or programs for public education.

The guidelines specified that the projects must be practical for city or local health departments to implement and be effective at delivering the WNV prevention message.

Imaginations and creative energy flowed freely, Activity Book produced by Nebraska DHHSresulting in a truly amazing set of fresh ideas and projects. While the WNV message remains the same, new approaches may be the key to retaining interest and awareness.

Children watching a presentation about West Nile Virus.
The projects are presented to be a resource to be freely used or modified to suit your needs. Sources, comments, and scripts have been included whenever possible and you may contact the Local Health Department for additional details.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Epidemiology and Laboratory Capacity for Infectious Diseases Grant funded this project.


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