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  • Nutrition Contribution of WIC Foods

Nutrition Contribution of WIC Foods

  •  WIC Approved Foods


Approved Food List - Nebr WIC Program

Approved Food List - Spanish Version 

Approved Food List - update Oct 2017

Yogurt Update - Oct 2017 

Yogurt Particpant Handout

Yogurt WIC Staff Handout 


  • WIC Approved Vendors
  • - Grocery store
  • - Special Purchase Store / Pharmacy

Grocery Store Window Stickers

Pharmacy Window Sticker

Shelf Labels

  • Matching Food Packages to Clients

Client Status Chart

  • Journey Model Food Packages
  • - Pictures showing choices


  Model Food Packages - Women & Children

 Pregnant / Part BF In 

 FBF Woman - Fully BF

Not BF / Part BF Out

Toddler & Child


  • Journey Contract Formula
  • Formula Feeding

Nebr WIC Contract Infant Formula

Formula Reference Guide

  • Infant Packages


Infants Formula Fed - IFF Basic  

Baby Food & WIC Checks

  • Journey Breastfeeding Food Packages


Food Packages for BF Moms and Baby 

 BF Description / Mom Baby Pair Packages 

  • Changing Food Packages