WIC Procedure Manual

> Volume V - Administrative Operations


PDFState WIC Staff


Section A: Local Agency Application, Selection and Disqualification

PDFA1 - Overview of Regulatory Requirements

PDFA2 - Unsolicited Applications

PDFA3 - Requests for Applications for the Provision of WIC Services

PDFA4 - Disqualification

PDFA5 - Administrative Appeal Procedure for Local Agencies

Section B: Local Agency Agreement

PDFB1 - Overview of Program Specific Regulatory Requirements

PDFB2 - Other Regulatory Requirements

PDFB3 - Other Provisions

PDFB4 - Executing, Amending and Renewing Agreements

PDFB5 - Termination of Agreement

Section C: Allocation of Fund

PDFC1 - Overview of Federal Allocation

PDFC2 - State Allocation Process

Section D: Program Planning and Evaluation

PDFD1 - Needs Assessment

PDFD2 - Program Monitoring and Evaluation

PDFD3 - Program Audits

PDFD4 - State Plan

PDFD5 - Termination of Agreement

Section E: Management of Administrative Funds

PDFE1 - Allowable Costs

PDFE2 - Cost Allocation

PDFE3 - Budget Preparation

PDFE4 - Monitoring Administrative Expenditures

PDFE5 - Purchase of Incentive Items

PDFE6 - Donated Items

Section F: Documentation & Reimbursement of Administrative Expenditures

PDFF1 - Financial Status Report

PDFF2 - Expenditures Requiring Prior Approval

PDFF3 - Records of Expenditures

PDFF4 - Continuous Time Reporting and Personal Activity Reports

PDFF5 - Cash Advances

PDFF6 - Equipment Inventory

Section G: Management of Food Funds

PDFG1 - Overview of Foods Funds Management

PDFG2 - Food Costs

PDFG3 - Tracking Food Funds

Section H: Caseload Management

PDFH1 - Caseload Planning

PDFH2 - Outreach and Targeting

PDFH3 - Caseload Monitoring

Section I: Personnel Issues

PDFI1 - Overview of Functional Staffing Areas

PDFI2 - Volunteers and In-Kind Policies

PDFI3 - Local Agency Personnel Policies

PDFI4 - Conflict of Interest: Prevention of Fraud & Abuse

Section J: Participant & Public Relations

PDFJ1 - Resolving Participant Issues

PDFJ3 - Participant and Applicant Fair Hearings

J4 - Social Media

PDFJ5 - Vendor Relations

Section K: Information Systems

PDFK1 - Minimum Federal Requirements for Data Collection and Reporting

PDFK2 - Nutrition Surveillance Systems

PDFK3 - Other Data Requirements

PDFK4 - Fiscal Intermediary Contract

PDFK5 - WIC Computer System Failure

Section L: Required Records

PDFL1 - Required Records

PDFL2 - Retention of Records

PDFL3 - Disposal of Records

Section M: Administrative Reports

PDFM1 - WIC Participation Reports

PDFM2 - WIC Financial Reports

Section N: Federal Regulations

PDFN1 - Introduction to Federal Regulations

PDFN2 - Copy of 7 CFR 246

PDFN3 - Copy of FNS Instructions 113-2, Rev. 1

Section O: State Regulations

PDFO1 - Copy of 181 NAC 3

O2 - Copy of 181 NAC 4

Appendix A: Local Agency Plan Maps
    Appendix B: Local Agency Self Evaluation Forms

    PDFSelf Monitoring Clinic Site Observation

    PDFSelf Monitoring Clinic Observation of Staff & Client Services

    PDFSelf Monitoring CPA Observation Form

    PDFSelf Monitoring Active Chart Review

    PDFSelf Monitoring Food Instrument Review

    PDFSelf Monitoring Voided Food Instrument Review

    PDFSelf Monitoring Vendor Management Staff Interview & Observation

    PDFSelf Monitoring Tool for Fiscal Review