WIC Procedure Manual

> Volume IV - Vendor Management
  PDF Introduction


 State WIC Staff


Section A: Vendor Management Overview

A1 - Narrative Overview of Nebraska WIC Vendor ManagementA2 - Role of the Local Agency Vendor Manager                  
A3 - WIC Vendor Management Program Integrity

Section B: Vendor Application Process

B1 -Vendor  Selection Criteria                                              
B2 - Accepting Vendor Applications
B3 - Local Agency Review of Vendor Applications
B4 - State Agency Review of Vendor Applications

Section C: Vendor Authorization Process

C1 - WIC Vendor Agreement
C2 - WIC Vendor Agreement Training

Section D: Vendor Files

D1 - Vendor Peer Group System
D2 - Competitive Price Selection Criteria
D3 - Allowable Reimbursement Levels

Section E: WIC Check System

E1 - Flow of a WIC Check 
E2 - Editing WIC Checks

Section F: Problem WIC Checks

F1 - Definition of Terms and Principles for Problems WIC Check
F2 - Bank Rejected WIC Checks
F3 - Other Problem WIC Checks (coming soon)
F4 - Questionable WIC Food Instruments

Section G: Special Situations

G1 - Lack of Formula at the Store
G2 - Reports of Persons Returning WIC Foods for Exchange or Cash
G3 - User of Coupons and Manufacturer's Specials

Section H: Changes in Vendor Status

H1 - Change in Store Name or Address
H2 - Change in Ownership of a WIC Store
H3 - Closing of a WIC Store
H4 - Voluntary Withdrawal of a WIC Vendor
H5 - Current WIC Vendor Who Fails to Submit an Application (coming soon)

Section I: Training

I1 - Vendor Annual Training
I2 - Cashier Training
I3 - Information Contacts for WIC Vendors

Section J: Monitoring

J1 - Routine Monitoring
J2 - High Risk Monitoring
J3 - Price Lists
J4 - Complaints
J5 - Educational Buys
J6 - Confidentiality of Vendor Information

Section K: Compliance Investigations & Audits

K1 - Compliance Investigations & Audits

Section L: Vendor Sanctions

L1 - Overview and Definition of Sanctions
L2 - Implementation of Sanctions
L3 - Civil Money Penalties
L4 - Relationship to the Food Stamp Program
L5 - Termination of a WIC Vendor Contract as an Adverse Action
L6 - Recording Civil Money Penalties & Fines

Section M: Appeals & Fair Hearings

M1 - Vendor Appeal Process

Section N: Vendor Management Computer Reports