Local Agency Staff Updates

Local WIC clinic staff are critical to the successful delivery of services to Nebraska's families.  This page provides news, updates, or events for local agency staff.

WIC Director Contact List - check here for an updates to the contact list.

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News, Updates & Events

7/18/17 Position Opening:  CPA Training Center Coach

The Nebraska WIC Training Center is seeking to hire two additional CPA coaches to add to our CPA coach staff.  Interested CPA's must complete and submit the WIC Training Center Application Form and have the support of their WIC Director.  Please contact your WIC Director or Jackie Johnson (402-471-2781) for more details or questions.

2/27/17 Reminder:  Yogurt Packages!

The new model food packages with yogurt are available in Journey. The information on the choice of yogurt in the food package was discussed on the January 31st webinar. All local agencies should have received copies of the Nebraska WIC Approved Yogurt handout for clients, and a cardstock version of the handouts that staff can use when explaining the yogurt choices to clients.  Additional food package information for staff to refer to as they begin to use the new yogurt packages is available here in this document Yogurt WIC Staff Information

 2/22/17 Check out our website updates! 

Our new WIC logo and banner has been incorporated into our website.  Several new pages have been added to our training site to help divide up our training materials. We outgrew the two training webpages originally developed.     

 2017 Important Events - Mark your calendars!

  • 9/29/17 Training Webinar: TBA
  • 9/13/17 Webinar: WIC Directors & State WIC Staff (10:00-12:00 CT)
  • 6/30/17 Training Webinar: All Staff (10:00-12:00 CT)
  • 5/2 - 5/3/17 WIC & CSFP Conference, Kearney Ne
  • 3/31/17 Training Webinar: All Staff
  • 1/31/17 Training Webinar: All Staff