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Regarding Birth Defect Anomalies Reporting 

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This page has been established to provide all personnel responsible for reporting birth defect anomalies access to the resources and information necessary to continue registering them in an accurate and timely manner.

January 2018 is Birth Defect Prevention Month

Please feel free to share our weekly messages and sign up for the BDPM 2018 Thunderclap via Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr at  This will be on January 10th at noon. 

Our birth defect packet for 2018 is Prevent to Protect. 
“Prevent to Protect” Theme Schedule 2018
Week 1: “Practice Good Hygiene” (Jan 2-5)
Week 2: “Talk to Your Healthcare Provider” and Folic Acid Awareness Week (Jan 8-12)
The updated CDC-INFO On Demand website has free folic acid informational materials – in both English and Spanish. 
Week 3: “Get Vaccinated” (Jan 16-19)
Week 4: “Prevent Insect Bites” (Jan 22-26)
Week 5: Wrap-up/Closing (Jan 29-31)
*Note: The dates included are non-holiday weekdays because we typically does not post content to social media or to our website on weekends or holidays.

 This revision was undertaken to incorporate changes to Chapter 17, Congenital malformations, deformations and chromosomal abnormalities of the ICD-10-CM code implemented October 1, 2017.


New codes:
Q53.111               Unilateral intraabdominal testis
Q53.112               Unilateral inguinal testis
Q53.13                 Unilateral high scrotal testis
Q53.211               Bilateral intraabdominal testes
Q53.212               Bilateral inguinal testes
Q53.23                 Bilateral high scrotal testes
Q82.2                   Congenital cutaneous mastocytosis

ICD-10-CM Code Range Cross Reference Guide

As you are aware, the transition to ICD-10-CM is set for October 1st, 2015.  The document titled ICD-10-CM Code Range 8-18-15.pdf includes both the  ICD-9-CM codes and the equivalent ICD-10-CM codes for hospitals reporting birth defects. 

The code range will include all the Q codes (Congenital malformations, deformations, and chromosomal abnormalities Q00-Q99) and a few additional codes.  The additional codes are: D18.00-D18.09, D18.1, D82.1, E25.0-E25.9, E78.71, E78.72, G12.0, G90.1, M21.021-M21.029, M21.121-M21.129, M26.00-M26.09, P29.3, and P35.1. 



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