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PDF Nebraska Youth Tobacco Survey Report 2012-2013

PDF Data and Trends on Tobacco Use in Nebraska - November 2013

PDF Tobacco Free School Toolkit - November 2015

PDF Nebraska PRAMS Issue Brief: Smoking During the Last Three Months of Pregnancy - July 2013

PDF Smoke-Free Public Housing Policies in Nebraska - September 2012

PDF Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing Policies in Nebraska - September 2012

PDF 2011 Nebraska Youth Risk Behavior Survey - June 2012

PDF Secondhand Smoke and Asthma - December 2011

PDF Tobacco Free Times - May 2011
An activity booklet designed for 4th - 5th graders.

PDF 2009 Smoking Among Nebraska Adults - July 2010

PDF Omaha, Nebraska Air Monitoring Study: Effect of the Omaha Smoke-Free Air Ordinance - March 2009

PDF Reducing Tobacco Use in Nebraska - A Snapshot Progress Report - January 2009 

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