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Success Stories
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Employer's Tobacco-Free Policy Helps Panhandle Smoker Quit for GoodPanhandle Secondhand Smoke Exposure Cessation
Volunteer-Crafted Radionovelas Help Increase Awareness in Latino CommunityDouglas Disparate Populations Secondhand Smoke Exposure
New Partnerships Allow Coalition to Expand Outreach and EducationPlatte/Colfax
Community Partner Helps Coalition Expand Reach in Media MarketBuffalo
Policy Changes Help People Quit Chew in the PanhandlePanhandle Secondhand Smoke Exposure Youth Prevention
TEAM Coalition Member Gains Knowledge on Vaping, Able to Quit EntirelySarpy
Cass County Communities Join the Tobacco-Free Park MovementCass
Lincoln Housing Authority Adopts Comprehensive Tobacco-Free PolicyLancaster
Library Board Updates Tobacco-Free Policy Ahead of RemodelHall
Hall County NRT Promotion Efforts Yield High Quitline Call VolumeHall
MOTAC Helps Increase Smoke-Free Outdoor Events in OmahaDouglas
Community Outreach Event Raises Awareness in Tobacco-Free Parks InitiativeDouglas
Focused Approach Shows Significant Increase in Tobacco-Free School PoliciesPanhandle
Tobacco Coalition and Veterans Home Work Together to Prepare for RelocationBuffalo Secondhand Smoke Exposure Disparate Populations Cessation
Latinas, Tabaco y Cáncer Recognized for Leadership in Tobacco ControlDouglas
Latinas, Tabaco y Cáncer Welcomes Smoker, Helps QuitDouglas
El Centro Client Uses Spanish Quitline and Free NRT to Beat Tobacco AddictionLancaster Cessation
Tobacco-Free Parks Toolkit Provides Resources, Assists With PolicyCass
Store Audits Result in Policy Change for Platte and Colfax CountiesPlatte/Colfax
Increased Quitline Promotion Shows Higher Call VolumePlatte/Colfax
Local Coalitions Work Together; Reap Benefits Through PartnershipsBuffalo
Buffalo County Coalition Chair Shares Expertise, Connects ResourcesBuffalo
North Platte Property Goes Tobacco-Free After Tenants Ask for ChangeLincoln
Social Norm Change Apparent at Lincoln County Family EventLincoln
Quitline, Free NRT Help Longtime Smoker Break CycleHall
Hall County Finds Social Norm Shift to be First Step Toward Policy ChangeHall
Agencies Partner to Ensure Consistent Education About Secondhand SmokePanhandle
Kimball Public Schools Takes Lead, Helps County Implement PolicyPanhandle
Sarpy County Supports Smoke-Free Policy, Despite BarriersSarpy
Influx of Multi-Family Housing Fires Brings Topic of Smoking to Front Line in BellevueSarpy
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