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Tools for Quitting

Nebraska Tobacco Quitline: 1-800-QUIT-NOW

Are you ready to quit, but don't know where to start?  Check out the following resources to help you get started and be successful. And, remember, telephone quitlines — like the Nebraska Tobacco Quitline — have been proven to double your chances of quitting successfully.

Quitline FAQ

QuitNow Mobile App — Download the mobile app today to help keep yourself on track! 

PDF Nebraska Tobacco Quitline Infographic — Thousands of Nebraskans were served by the Quitline in 2017. See who's using the service.

NE Cessation Programs 1 23 2017.pdfNE Cessation Programs — Check out these programs if you prefer face-to-face support. — This program is designed for employers, health systems, and health plans to provide their covered populations. The website combines interactive quitting tools, medication support and an online community of support, including current and former smokers. Sponsored by the Truth Initiative.

Smokefree Women — This website provides free and accurate information and professional assistance to help support the immediate and long-term needs of women trying to quit smoking. Sponsored by the National Cancer Institute.

NIH National Institute on Aging — The tips and strategies found on this website are designed to help older adults who have tried to quit in the past as well as those who are trying for the first time. Sponsored by the National Institutes of Health.

Guide to Quitting Smoking — Learn the impact of smoking on yourself and those you love and why it's hard to quit.

Set a Quit Date — Find out how to pick - and prepare - for your quit date.

NicotineNicotine is the drug found naturally in tobacco and what makes it so hard to quit.

Help for Cravings and Tough Situations — Find out what it takes to stay quit.

It's Never too Late to Quit! — Quitting benefits you no matter your age.

Smokeless Tobacco and How to Quit — Smokeless tobacco isn't a safe alternative to smoking cigarettes. Discover what's unique about smokeless tobacco products and how to quit using them.

Cigar Smoking — One large cigar can contain as much tobacco as an entire pack of cigarettes. Find out the specifics about cigars.

How Many Cigarettes is That? — Calculate how many cigarettes are consumed over a period of time. The answer may surprise you!

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