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Smokeless Tobacco. Chew. Dip. Snus. Many young Nebraskans have tried these products.

Sometimes when young adults try smokeless tobacco for the first time … they’re lured by the flavors: wintergreen, berry, apple. Maybe they start with tobacco that has a milder taste. Unfortunately, that’s probably why tobacco companies make smokeless tobacco in flavors and with milder tastes. They want to get people hooked.

Greg Connolly, with the Harvard University School of Public Health, looked at documents from smokeless tobacco companies. The documents focused on the industry’s marketing and promotion tactics. In particular, a document from U.S. Smokeless Tobacco entitled "The Graduation Theory" was cited.

The use of smokeless tobacco among youth
is a major
health concern.
"New users of smokeless tobacco – attracted to the category for a variety of reasons – are most likely to begin with products that are milder tasting, more flavored, and/or easier to control in the mouth. After a period of time, there’s a natural progression of product switching to brands that are more full-bodied, less flavored, have more concentrated ‘tobacco taste’ than the entry brand," the document reads.

Those more “full-bodied” brands can deliver a big nicotine punch.

Within 20 minutes of chewing tobacco or absorbing it through your cheeks, gums, or skin, nicotine can make your heart rate and blood pressure go up and make you less hungry; all of which can stress your heart.

Health effects can range from bad breath and stained teeth, to tissue breaking down and mouth sores, to severe health problems like cancer.

The use of smokeless tobacco among youth is a major health concern.

Studies show that using chewing tobacco can lead to cigarette smoking, alcohol, marijuana, and other drug use.

Now you know the risks. So, take control and don’t start using smokeless – or any kind of – tobacco.

Source: Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids 

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