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Dissolvable Tobacco Products

Chances are when people hear the words 'tobacco' or 'nicotine,' they automatically think of cigarettes and other products that have to be lit, like cigars; cigarillos or pipes. But not all tobacco products burn and produce smoke. 

Smokeless tobacco products like chew, snuff and snus have been available for centuries.

And as more states enact smoke-free air laws, the tobacco industry has become more creative in developing products – most of which don’t burn and create smoke.
Say 'hello' to tobacco sticks, orbs and strips.

Tobacco sticks are essentially toothpicks coated in ground tobacco.1 They look like they’re covered in chocolate and have a sweet taste.2
Tobacco Sticks

Orbs are pellets of ground tobacco that resemble small, candy-coated breath mints in packaging and size.

Strips are flat sheets of ground tobacco that dissolve on the tongue like breath strips or some children’s medicines.

The products aren’t available in Nebraska yet, but are being test-marketed in nearby Kansas (Marlboro and Skoal sticks) and Colorado (Camel products). The Camel products are even sold in a variety pack that includes the strips, orbs and sticks.

Dissolvable Tobacco Products


The products are available in flavors, and as noted earlier can taste sweet. That’s alarming because flavors and sweetness often appeal to kids. 

Also, since some dissolvable tobacco products look like other products that children may eat, there’s a real danger that children may be accidently poisoned by their use. 
A 2010 article in Pediatrics noted at least one case of a 3-year-old accidentally ingesting a dissolvable tobacco product.3 
  • Ingestion of as little as 1 mg of nicotine by a small child can produce nausea and vomiting.4
  • According to promotional material, Camel Orbs contain 1 mg of nicotine per pellet, Camel Sticks contain 3.1 mg of nicotine per stick and Camel Strips contact 0.6 mg of nicotine per strip.5

Dissolvable tobacco products are a concern due to their novelty, the misconception that they are harmless and the fact that they can be used discreetly.6

No matter what shape or form it comes in, tobacco is tobacco. The nicotine in tobacco is what makes it so addictive and difficult to stop using. The best thing is to not start using tobacco in the first place, and if you do, to stop. The Nebraska Tobacco Quitline is available to help.

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