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Smoke-Free Housing

Smoke-Free Housing Logo There are many benefits to implementing smoke-free housing policies:
  1. Smoke-free policies can save money. Tobacco smoke causes a tremendous amount of damage to the inside of an apartment.  The cost of rehabilitating a smoke-free unit can be up to seven times less than that of a smoking unit.1
  2. Smoke-free policies protects the health of tenants and employees.
  3. Renters prefer smoke-free housing. According to a survey of Douglas County residents, more than 70% of renters are likely to choose non-smoking housing over a similar option that allows smoking.2
  4. Smoke-free policies reduce the risk of smoking-related fires.

Resources for Property Owners and Public Housing Authorities

Brochure: PDF Smoke-Free Policies for Multiunit Housing

Fact Sheets:

PDF Benefits of Smoke-Free Policies

PDF How to Implement a Smoke-Free Policy

PDF Legality of Smoke-Free Policies

PDF Smoke-Free Housing Decal or Stickers

PDF Smoke-Free Housing Door Hangers

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National Apartment Association Clearing the Air Article

PDF U.S. Housing & Urban Development (HUD) Publication: Change is in the Air - An Action Guide for Establishing Smoke-Free Public Housing and Multifamily Properties - October 2014

PDF U.S. Housing & Urban Development (HUD) Smoke-Free Housing Notice

1Smoke-Free Housing New England, 2009
22005 MSR Group survey of Douglas County residents

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