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School Health Program 
     Guidelines for Nebraska Schools
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New Medicaid in Public Schools - Guide for School_based Direct Services


Introduction and Table of Contents_Updated 2016

Chapter 1_Overview of School Health Services_Updated 2016

Chapter 2_ The Role of the Professional School Nurse_Updated 2016

 Chapter 2 Presentation on School Nursing Scope and Standards 

 Chapter 2 Presentation on Individualized Health Care Plans 

 Chapter 2 Presentation on the Role of the School Nurse in Special Education

Chapter 3_Non-nurse School Personnel Assigned to Health Duties_Updated 2016

 Chapter 4: School Health Screening

            4a Introduction to School Health Screening 

                 Chapter 4 Presentation School Health Screening Update 5 2012     

                 Nebraska School Health Screening Statutes.pdfNebraska School Health Screening Statutes

                 Screening schedule draft required

            4 BMI (Weight-Height) Screening       

                 4b BMI Competencies Assessment 

                 4c Dental Screening 10 20 2011

                 4 Dental screening Competencies Assessment checklist.pdf4 Dental screening Competencies Assessment checklist

            4d Hearing Screening 10 20 2011          

                 4 Hearing audiometry Competencies Assessment checklist

            4e Vision Distant Screening 10 20 2011

                 4e Vision Distant screening Competencies Assessment checklist

            4e Vision Near Screening 10 20 2011

                 4e Near Vision Screening Competencies Assessment checklist 


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O2 Guidelines for Nebraska Schools 

Guideline Chapter for Med Administration_Updated 2016

The School Nurses Coat of Arms

Concussion to Classroom


Nebraska Emergency Guidelines for Schools - 2016

Guidelines for School Health Services in Nebraska: Methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in Schools, athletics and child care - Updated January, 2015

A Summary of Medication Aide Act for School Administrators  - Updated December, 2016


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