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All x-ray facilities in Nebraska must be registered  with the Nebraska Department of  Health and Human Services, Division of Public Health, Office of Radiological Health.    Regulations for the "Control of Radiation"  PDF File180 NAC 2-004 ( PDF File180 NAC 21-004 for a intra oral and cephlometric dental facilities) require that each person having a radiation generating equipment facility apply for registration of the facility.  This is to be done within 30 days following the start of facility operation.   The application for registration is completed on form NRH-4 "Application for Registration of Radiation Generating Equipment." 

The Program will issue a "Certificate of Registration" once it is determined that the applicant meets the requirement of the regulations and the annual fee is paid. 

Each registration will expire annually on the anniversary of the date issued.  Once a facility has a "Certificate of Registration" a NRH-4 with the information available in our database will be sent to a facility for verification along will a bill for the annual fee for the facility. 

A registrant must notify the Agency in writing within 30 days of any change which would render the information contained in the application for registration no longer accurate.

The annual fees are based upon a base fee for each facility, the type of facility, priority, and inspection interval.  PDF File180 NAC 18-008  ( PDF File180 NAC 21-005 for  intraoral and cephlometric dental facilities).provides detailed information concerning x-ray facility fees.

Each registrant is required to post current copies of the following per PDF File180 NAC 10-002 ( PDF File180 NAC 21-007.05B for a intra oral and cephlometric dental facilities).

  • PDF File 180 NAC 4  "Standards for Protection Against Radiation" and PDF File180 NAC 10  "Notices, Instructions and Reports to Workers: Inspections" or PDF File180 NAC 21 for a dental facility
  • Current Certificate of Registration
  • Operating procedures applicable to activities of the facility
  • Any notice of noncompliance, proposed imposition of civil penalty and response from registrant
  • Form NRH-3   "Notice to Employees" or NRH-3D for intraoral and cephlometric dental facilities

    *Note:  Instead of posting the above items the registrant can post a card similar to the one below indicating the location of the above items.

Sample of card to post showing where records are located  ("Green Card")  PDF FilePDF format Word format
  • Form NRH-3 "Notice to Employees" is to be posted by each registrant wherever individuals work in or frequent any portion of a restricted area.
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