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The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Public Health, Office of Radiological Health conducts routine inspections of facilities possessing x-ray generating equipment.  The equipment and facility are reviewed to assure their compliance with   Title 180 the Nebraska regulations for "Control of Radiation."  

An  inspector will contact the facility to set up an appointment for the inspection along with sending out regulatory guides and a compliance checklist prior to the inspection.  These guides and checklists help highlight some of the items that will be looked at during the inspection.


X-ray facilities should pay particular attention to the following Chapter of Title 180 regulations for the "Control of Radiation."

  • PDF File 180 NAC 4  "Standards for Protection Against Radiation"
  • PDF File 180 NAC 6  "X-ray in the Healing Arts"
  • PDF File 180 NAC 10  "Notices, Instructions and Reports to Workers: Inspections"

Dental x-ray facilities using only intraoral and cephlometric equipment should use PDF File180 NAC 21  "Dental Radiographic Equipment." It has all of the regulations from 180 NAC pertaining to dental facilities combined into one chapter for intraoral and cephlometric facilities.   (NOTE:  Facilities using rotating anode and CT type equipment in dental offices must use the other applicable chapters in 180 NAC).   The two column version of 180 NAC 21  was created to help the registrant.   It has 180 NAC 21 in the left column and quick references in the the right column.   

In addition to the above regulations Industrial Radiographic facilities will need to pay attention to PDF File180 NAC 5  "Radiation Safety Requirements for Industrial Radiographic Operations"

The inspection consists of an evaluation of the radiographic equipment and the facility's radiation safety program.

A review of the facility radiation safety practices will be conducted during the inspection.  This will consist of:

  • Records and procedures review,
  • An interview with the person listed on the registration as being in charge of radiation safety and/or the
  • An interview of the operators of the x-ray equipment.

The amount of time required for an inspection will depend on the type of x-ray equipment,  number of units and the availability of records.

The inspector will conduct an exit interview with the registrant and will go over his/her findings.   It is essential to the inspector to have a person from upper management, ultimately in charge of the facility, or their designate, present during the exit interview.  At this time results of the inspection can be outlined, questions can be clarified, and a course of action necessary to resolve any item(s) of noncompliance can be reviewed.    A written report will be sent to the registrant within 30 days of the inspection.

If items of noncompliance are found during the compliance review, the registrant has 30 days from the receipt of the notice of noncompliance to submit a plan of correction to the Department.  This plan of correction should  indicate how the items of noncompliance will be corrected and the projected date of full compliance.

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