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The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) publishes information notices.  These notices provide information regarding safety, safeguards, or environmental issues. The notices bring significant, recently identified safety, security, or environmental information to the attention of licensees. NRC expects licensees to review the information for applicability to their facilities and consider appropriate actions to avoid similar problems.

Regulatory issue summaries (a new product) are used to (1) document NRC endorsement of the resolution of issues addressed by industry-sponsored initiatives, (2) solicit voluntary licensee participation in staff-sponsored pilot programs, (3) inform licensee of opportunities for regulatory relief, (4) announce staff technical or policy positions not previously communicated to industry or not broadly understood, and (5) address matters previously reserved for administrative letters.

Below is a list of  NRC information notices and regulatory issue summaries that the Nebraska Radioactive Materials Program has mailed out to its licensees. 

These notices and summaries can be accessed at: http://www.nrc.gov/reading-rm/doc-collections/gen-comm/. Once at the site, find "information notices" or "regulatory information summaries" and click on the appropriate year. Then find the information notice you're interested in.

Date of Notice Title of  Notice The notice is for the following licensees: Mailed on:
10/14/2009 IN2009-NE-01 - DHHS Radioactive Materials Program Information Notice: Performance of Required Shutter Checks and Reporting of Gauge Shutter Failures All DHHS Radioactive Material Program specific and general fixed gauge materials licensees 10/15/2009
08/19/2009 Exemption from 180 NAC 3 and 180 NAC 7 Requirements on Procurement and Transfer of Technetium-99m, and Calibration of Instrumentation using Technetium-99m All medical use licensees under 180 NAC 7 and nuclear pharmacies 08/20/2009



03/12/2010 Reporting Requirements for Industrial Radiography Industrial Radiography Licensees 04/02/2010
​5/25/2016 2016 CRCPD - SCATR Disused Source Collection and Disposal Opportunity
​Nebraksa Radioactive Material Licensees



​7/12/2017 ​Notification of Fee Change Regarding Submittal of Fingerprint Cards Nebraska Radioactive material Licensees ​7/18/2017
​3/28/2018 Notification of Address Change Regarding Submittal of Fingerprint Cards ​Nebraska Licensees Subject to 180 NAC 24 ​3/30/2018
Information Notice Number Ti​tle of Information Notice The notice is for the following licensees:

Mailed on: 

​2018-01​NRC Regulatory Issue Summary 2018-01 ​Nebraska Licensees Subject to 180 NAC 24 ​1/26/2018


Kaspersky Branded Products ​Nebraska Radioactive Material Licensees Category 1&2 ​12/7/2017
​2017-6 NRC Policy on Use of Combination Dosimetry Devices During Industrial Radiolgraphic Operations ​Industrial Radiography Licensees


​2017-2 Best Practice Concepts for Patient Release ​All medical use licensees and NRC master materials licensees ​6/7/2017
2014-06​ ​Damage of Industrial Radiographic Equipment Due To Falling Equipment and Improper Mounting ​Industrial Radiography Licensees ​05/09/2014
​2013-16 ​Importance of Verification of Treatment Parameters For High Dose-Rate Remote Afterloader Admiistrations ​Remore Afterloader Unit (HDR) Licensees ​01/08/2014
​2013-23 ​Recent Radiography Events Resulting in Exposures Exceeding Regulatory Limits ​Industrial Radiography Licensees ​01/14/2013
2011-11 Reporting Requirements for Heat and Smoke Detector Failures in 10 CFR Part 36 Irradiators Irradiator Licensees 05/05/2011
2011-09 Fixed Gauge Shutter Failures Due to Operating in Harsh Working Environments Fixed Gauge Licensees 06/14//2011
2011-07 Specific license Required when Exporting to Embargoed Destinations Listed in 10 CFR 110.28 Radioactive Material Licensees 04/27/2011
2011-01 NRC Policy on Release of Iodine-131 Therapy Patients Under 10 CFR 35.75 to Locations Other than Private Residences Radioactive Material Licensees with Iodine 131 Permitted by 180 NAC 7-048 04/27/2011
2009-17 Reportable Medical Events Involving Treatment Delivery Errors caused by Confusion of Units for the Specification of Brachytherapy Sources Brachytherapy Radioactive Material Licensees 11/17/2009
2008-22 Molybdenum-99 Breakthrough in Molybdeum-99M Generators Molybdenum-99/Technetium-99M Generators 03/20/2009
2007-10 Yttrium-90 Therapsheres® and Sirspheres® Impurities Licensees Authorized to Use Yttrium-90 Theraspheres® and Sirspheres® Impurities 03/28/07
2006-12 Exercising Due Diligence When transferring Radioactive Materials Radioactive Material Licensees 08/07/06
2002-23, supplement 1 Unauthorized Administration of Byproduct Material for Medical Use Medical  Use Radioactive Material Licensees 08/07/06
2004-18 Recent Safety-Related Event at Panoramic Wet-Source Storage Irradiator Irradiator 11/22/04
2003-22 Heightened Awareness for Patients Containing Detectable Amounts of Radiation from Medical Administration Nuclear Medicine/ Brachytherapy 01/07/04
2003-21 High Dose Rate Remote Afterloader Equipment Failure Nuclear Medicine/HDR's 12/17/03
2002-16 Intravascular Brachytherapy Misadministrations Nuclear Medicine/ Brachytherapy 6/19/2002
2001-11 Thefts of Portable Gauges Portable Gauge 7/24/2001
2001-01 The Importance of Accurate Inventory Controls to Prevent the Unauthorized Possession of Radioactive Material Broad License & Educational 5/7/2001
2000-16 Potential Hazards Due to Volatilization of Radionuclides Nuclear Pharmacy 11/20/2000
2000-15 Recent Events Resulting in Whole Body Exposures Exceeding Regulatory Limits Radiography 11/20/2000
2000-10 Recent Events Resulting in Extremity Exposures Exceeding Regulatory Limits Nuclear Pharmacy 8/28/2000
2000-05 Recent Medical Misadministration Resulting From Inattention to Detail Nuclear Medicine/ Brachytherapy 6/8/2000
99-23 Safety Concerns Related to Repeated Control Unit Failures of the Nucletron Class Model High-Dose-Rate Remote Afterloading Brachytherapy Devices Nuclear Medicine/ Brachytherapy


99-09 Problems Encountered When Manually Editing Treatment Data on the Nucletron Microslectron-HDR (New) Model 105.999 Nucletron Microslectron-HDR Licensees 4/29/1999
98-30 Effect of the Year 2000 Computer Problem on NRC   Licensees and Certificate Holders Specific Licensee and Reciprocity Licensees 1/29/1999
97-91 Recent Failures of Control Cables Used on 660 Posilock Radiography Systems Industrial Radiography 1/29/1999
97-01 Potential For Erroneous Calibration, Dose Rate, or Radiation Exposure Measurements with Certain Victoreen Model 530 and 530SI electrometer/Dosimeters X-ray accelerator, Broad, Nuclear Medicine/Brachytherapy, Teletherapy 1/29/1999
Regulatory Issue Summary Number Title of Regulatory Issue Summary     The summary is for the following licensees: Mailed on:
​2014-04 ​National Source Tracking System Long-Term Storage Indicator ​Licensee Required to Report Transfers to the National Source Tracking system ​06/20/2014
2010-09 Radiation Safety Officers for Medical Use Licenses Under 10 CFR Part 35 All medical use licensees under 180 NAC 7  04/27/2011
2008-17 Voluntary Security Enhancements for Self-Contained Irradiators Containing Cesium Chloride Sources Self-Contained Irradiator  Licensees 07/29/08
2008-11 Precautions to Protect Children Who May Come in Contact With Patients Released After Therapeutic Administration of Iodine-131 Nuclear Medicine Licensees 06/17/07
NRC News Number Title of NRC News     The summary is for the following licensees: Mailed on:
08-103 NRC Updates Guidance to Licensees for Extended Storage of Low-Level Radioactive Waste Radioactive  Material Licensees 06/19/07

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