Division of Public Health

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Programs & Services


Health Promotion Unit
Kay Wenzl, Administrator
(402) 471-2910

Nebraska Public Health Improvement Plan:
Coordinated Chronic Disease and Prevention Priority -
2013 - 2017


Cancer and Smoking Disease Research Program

Chronic Renal Disease Program

Comprehensive Cancer Control Program

  • Reduce cancer deaths in Nebraska through the collaboration of public and private partnerships by:
  • Eliminating cancer disparities
  • Reducing cancer risks
  • Increasing early detection and screening
  • Increasing access to cancer treatment
  • Increasing quality of life for those living with cancer
  • Provide training and education to improve cancer knowledge for all Nebraskans

Diabetes Prevention & Control Program

  • Works to reduce or prevent complications and premature death for Nebraskans with diabetes
  • Strives to educate persons with diabetes, their families, and health professionals
  • Updates information and training materials to ensure application of current knowledge and treatment of diabetes


  • Promotes cardiovascular disease prevention and control by focusing on high blood pressure, cholesterol, and heart attack and stroke
  • Goal is to decrease the number of deaths due to cardiovascular disease in Nebraska
  • Developing comprehensive approach to cardiovascular disease, through population-based strategies focusing on an identified population or area rather than on individual behavior change


Infectious Disease Prevention

Injury Prevention Program

  • Reduce the incidence and/or severity of injuries to Nebraskans
  • Unintentional and intentional injuries are the leading cause of years of life lost for Nebraskans
  • Falls are the second leading cause of unintentional injury deaths

Nutrition & Activity for Health

  • Physical activity and proper nutrition are key components in the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases and obesity
  • Coordinates statewide efforts aimed to improve nutrition and physical activity behaviors of all Nebraskans
  • Physical activity and healthy eating will lead to the prevention of chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer

Oral Health & Dentistry

  • Ensure optimum health and well-being by promoting oral health and preventing dental disease
  • Increase proportion of children who have received dental sealants on their molar teeth
  • Increase the proportion of the U.S. population served by community water systems with optimally fluoridated water
  • Increase the proportion of low-income children who received any prevention dental service during the past year
  • Increase the proportion of local health departments and community health centers that have an oral health component

DHHS Division of Public Health, 2016 Nebraska State Oral Health Assessment Report - Office of Oral Health and Dentistry Dashboards


Preventive Health and Health Services Block Grant Program (PHHSBG)

Tobacco Free Nebraska

  • Tobacco Free Nebraska is the state’s comprehensive tobacco prevention program that works to:
  • Help people quit
  • Eliminate exposure to secondhand smoke
  • Keep youth from starting
  • Reach underserved populations

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