Division of Public Health

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Programs and Services

Community and Rural Health Planning Unit
Sue Medinger, Administrator (402) 471-0191

  • Local health department liaison
  • Administer contracts with local health departments and other entities regarding emergency response
  • Provide oversight for program areas in the Unit

Community Health Development

  • Provides technical assistance to all local health departments
  • Monitors the funds distributed to local health departments under the Health Care Funding Act
  • Manages substance abuse prevention grants (Strategic Prevention Framework State Incentive Grant [SPF SIG] and the Safe and Drug Free Schools and Communities [SDFSC])
  • Works with the Office of Rural Health to implement the Rural Hospital Flexibility grant for critical access hospitals and the Small Rural Hospital Improvement Grant

Developmental Disability Planning Council

  • Created by the Developmental Disabilities Act (DD Act) in 1970
  • Represents a Federal-State partnership in developing futures for and with people with developmental disabilities and their families
  • Reverse the historical bias against people with disabilities by focusing on five major goal areas:
    • Independence
    • Productivity
    • Integration
    • Inclusion
    • Self-determination

EMS/Trauma System

  • Strengthens emergency care through cooperative partnerships to promote the well-being of the citizens of Nebraska
  • MS staff provides support for out-of-hospital providers and services that include technical assistance, continuing education, and training

HAN and E-Health

  • Health Alert Network (HAN) is a nationwide system for coordinating and distributing important information about public health events
  • Strengthens emergency preparedness at the local, state, and federal level
  • Health alerts, prevention guidelines, and other information distributed by e-mail and fax

Minority Health and Health Equity

  • Improves access to health services for racial/ethnic minorities
  • Improves data collection strategies
  • Increases racial/ethnic minority representation in science and health professions
  • Develops a relevant and comprehensive research agenda
  • Expands community-based health promotion and disease prevention outreach efforts

Office of Rural Health (as per §71-5646 - 71-5649 NE REV STATUTES)

  • Assists communities in the development of health care systems that assure the availability and accessibility of quality health care services to meet the needs of people living in rural Nebraska
  • Develops state rural health policy in consultation with the Rural Health Advisory Commission; in consultation with the Rural Health Advisory Commission, develop a comprehensive rural health policy
  • Carry out duties under the Rural Health Systems and Professional Incentive Act (NE REV STATUTES §71-5650 - §71-5670) including staffing the Rural Health Advisory Commission and administration of the rural incentive programs

Public Health Emergency Response

  • Coordinates with local, state, and federal resources to provide effective responses to bioterrorism and other public health emergencies
  • Strengthens the public health system and protects citizens against future threats
  • Federal government provides financial assistance to Nebraska through grant funds to assist with bioterrorism and emergency response planning at the state and local levels

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