Maternal, Child, Adolscent Health
Positive Youth Development
Strengthening the health and well being of Nebraska Youth.

Youth development is a process all young people go through on Nebraska Partnerships For Positive Youth Development Logothe way to adulthood. The path is different for every youth. You

can help them in their journey by providing them with the positive supports and opportunities they’ll need along the way.

Partners and Membership

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Be a part of the journey:
  • Ensure young people have healthy relationships with caring, supportive adults.
  • Provide safe, stable and supportive surroundings to succeed and grow.
  • Offer opportunities for youth to develop life skills.
  • Promote clear expectations and high standards for all youth.
  • Provide youth meaningful opportunities to participate in their community.

Together we can:

  • Bring about a positive shift in the attitudes, values and behaviors of youth in Nebraska.
  • Collaborate for cultural and environmental reform for the benefit of youth.
  • Provide opportunities, resources and training to youth and all who work with them.

For more information, contact:
Michaela Meismer, M.A.
Adolescent Health Program Manager
(402) 471-0538 (0ffice) (402) 416-6746 (cell) or 1-800-801-1122

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