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A Mom's Story

Over 10 percent of pregnant women in Nebraska sought medical help for depression in 2004.

Nebraska DHHS: Perinatal Depression: A Mom’s Story "I really think it's my responsibility to tell other women that depression is real, it can happen, and you can get help. Your life can be happy and really good...I'm just so grateful." - Mary

"I know I was in denial. Even though I knew depression could happen, I didn't think it would happen to me. I'm so glad my family saw it and stepped in." - Nicole

"Depression happens and it was really bad, but now I'm in a much better place...I'm happy and I love my baby." - Lisa

A Mom's Story: First Baby

"I felt like I wasn't giving her what she needed."

Nebraska DHHS: Perinatal Depression: First Baby My daughter was an unplanned pregnancy, but her father and I were happy and excited about her.

My daughter was two weeks overdue, and I was huge. I was in labor 27 hours before having a c-section. After the surgery, I could barely get out of bed. At one point, my incision came open and we had to go back to the emergency room.

My daughter was hungry all of the time and had to be fed every two hours. She wanted more milk than I was producing. I felt like I wasn't giving her what she needed. It was difficult emotionally and physically. I was exhausted.

Eventually, I found the support I needed from others to help me get through this difficult time. I also was able to get some extra sleep, which made a big difference.

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