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Depression in Fathers

Depression in FathersStudies show that as many as 10 percent of fathers suffer from postpartum depression, particularly if the wife or partner is already suffering from pregnancy-related depression.

Risk factors for postpartum depression in fathers include:

  • Older age
  • First-time parent
  • Small circle of friends
  • Limited social interaction and support
  • Limited education
  • Concurrent stressful life events
  • Poor relationship with wife or partner

What a Partner Can Do for Himself

  • Make sure you have some time to yourself, apart from work and family; you may need more personal time to restore perspective.
  • Try to keep up important hobbies and interests as much as possible; think about how you may share these hobbies and interests with your older children (e.g., taking an older child to a baseball game will support you and your child as well as give the mother some additional relief at home).
  • Talk to close friends about your feelings and concerns.
  • Be kind to yourself as well as understanding of your partner by setting reasonable expectations.
  • Realize that helping your partner adjust to the new baby may increase the strength and intimacy of your marriage.

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