Newborn Screening in Nebraska
Additional Information

Relevant Statute & Regulations 
Newborn Screening Statute - 71-519
Consent Regulation - Title 181 Chapter 5
Consent Statute - 71-551
CCHD Regulations/Statutes - Title 181 Chapter 10

Regulations Governing Screening of Infants for Metabolic Diseases -  Title 181 Chapter 2

Contact Information
Julie Luedtke, Program Manager (402) 471-6733
Krystal Baumert, Follow-up Coordinator (402) 471-0374
Karen Eveans, Follow-up Coordinator (402) 471-6558 
Sarah Seberger, Follow-up Coordinator (402) 471-6759
VACANT, Staff Assistant (402) 471-9731

Mailing Address
Newborn Screening
Nebraska Dept. of Health & Human Services
301 Centennial Mall South
P.O. Box 95026
Lincoln NE 68509-5026

Links and Resources
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National Resources
Babies First Test                       
American Academy of Pediatrics
Secretary's Advisory Committee on Heritable Diseases in Newborns & Children
March of Dimes
National Center for Education in Maternal and Child Health
National Newborn Screening & Global Resource Center
National Organization for Rare Disorders
Genetic Home Reference
Save Babies Through Screening Foundation


Newborn Screening Advisory Committee
The Advisory Committee meets quarterly in January, April, July, and October. Dates for upcoming public meetings can be found on the public meeting calendar here.

For a full list of members and specialty, click here.

NBSAC Charter

Reports and Publications 



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