Newborn Screening in Nebraska
Information for Parents

Newborn Screening in Nebraska Information for Parents    
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We encourage you to talk to your baby’s doctor about the newborn screening tests.  You can also call us at (402) 471-0374.


Frequently Asked Questions

Information for Parent's on CCHD screening 

Disclaimer Statement
The screening tests are very efficient and give newborns the best chance to have the conditions found early. The tests are not diagnostic. They are a "screen" to find newborns that need more testing to see if they have certain conditions. However, like most lab tests, they cannot guarantee that every affected newborn will be identified, or that only newborns at higher risk of being affected will be found. There will be some "false positives" (newborns with a positive or abnormal screen result who are later found to have normal results), and there might be "false negatives" (affected newborns whose screening test results did not suggest a condition). 
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