Newborn Screening in Nebraska
Contact Information

Baby toes  Contact us at (402) 471-0374. Messages left outside of normal business hours will be returned by program staff as soon as possible.  

Program Manager
Julie Luedtke
(402) 471-6733

Follow-up Coordinator
Krystal Baumert
(402) 471-0374

Follow-up Coordinator                     Karen Eveans
(402) 471-6558

Staff Assistant
Cathy Kearney
(402) 471-9731

Mailing Address
Newborn Screening
Nebraska Dept of Health & 
     Human Services
301 Centennial Mall South
P.O. Box 95026
Lincoln, NE 68509-5026  


Newborn Screening Advisory Committee Members andCharter


The Advisory Committee meets quarterly in January, April, July, and October.  The public meeting calendar (click here).
​Member ​Specialty
​Khalid Awad, MD ​Neonatologist
​Lawrence Bausch, MD ​Neonatologist
​Angela Brennan, MD ​Family Physician
Catherine Brooks, DO​ ​Neonatologist
​John Colombo, MD ​Pediatric Pulmonologist
​Kevin Corley, MD ​Pediatric Endocrinologist
​Jeanne Egger ​Parent
​James Harper, MD ​Pediatric Hematologist, Chair
​Kathryn Heldt, RD ​Dietician/Metabolic Speciality
​Mary Kisicki, RN ​Parent
​Rose Kreikemeier, MSN, CPNP ​NE Children's Metabolic Clinic
​Richard Lutz, MD ​Pediatric Genetic, Endocrinologist, Metabolic
​Bev Morton Parent
Hana Niebur, MD​ ​Pediatric Immunologist
​Deborah Perry, MD ​​Pathologist
​Samuel Pirruccello, MD ​Vice-Chair, Pathologist
​William Rizzo, MD ​Pediatric Genetic/Metabolic
​Kathy Rossiter, EJD MSN APRN ​Medical Ethics Advisor
​Monica Seeland, RHIA ​Nebraska Hospital Association
​Jill Skrabal, RD ​Diatitian/Metabolic Specialist
​Alina-Gabriela Sofronescu, PhD Clinical Pathologist, Vice Chair
Lisa White, MD ​​Medicaid & Long Term Care Medical Director

Laboratory Contacts

PerkinElmer Genetics
90 Emerson Lane
P.O. Box 219
Bridgeville, PA 15017
Phone (412) 220-2300
FAX (412) 220-2308

PJ Borandi, VP, General Manager
Dennis Freer, PhD Biochemistry