Nebraska State Immunization Information System (NESIIS)
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The videos below provide an overview of the NESIIS system and advise of ways to perform specific functions. Note that a video on Entering New Immunizations will be added at a later time, once we have updated our system to handle immunization-based eligibility.

We realize the quality of the videos is not perfect. This is due to size restrictions we enacted in an effort to share this with as many of you as possible, regardless of Internet connection speed. We hope you'll find them useful. Enjoy!

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This is an overview of the Nebraska State Immunization Information System (NESIIS). It provides prospective organizations a chance to see the value it holds prior to committing to usage.

Logging In
Logging into NESIIS for the first time is explained in this step-by-step video.

Client Lookup
Looking up a client (patient) is simple in NESIIS and the process is shown here.

Viewing Inventory
If you choose to track inventory in NESIIS, this video shows you the first step in that process or how to view what you’ve already entered

Adding Inventory
Entering inventory in NESIIS is outlined here. These are the steps to follow whenever you are inputting inventory manually into the system.

Updating Inventory
This video shows users how to update anything in inventory, from quantities to dosage sizes and lot numbers.

Entering Historical Immunizations
In this video, we show users how to enter immunizations that a client (patient) has received that didn’t come from that particular clinic’s inventory stored within NESIIS.

Manage Sites
Many clinics have sub-sites where they also provide immunizations. Here we show how to add in those sites which is very beneficial for tracking and reporting.

Manage Clinicians
If a clinic is tracking inventory in NESIIS, they must add clinicians (those who give the shots) into the system for tracking and reporting purposes.

Manage Physicians
For clinics that track inventory in NESIIS, this area is used for identifying the physician who is the ordering authority for the immunizations being given.

Manage Schools
Many clinics like to track the schools their clients are associated with, and this segment teaches the upkeep and entry of the school information in NESIIS.

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