Nebraska State Immunization Information System (NESIIS)
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NESIIS LogoAs a provider you may wonder how NESIIS will work for you.
  • Have you ever had a system that identifies each patient’s needed immunizations using the ACIP immunization schedule?
  • Have you ever had a system that allows you to track your organizations vaccine inventory and be alerted when inventory is running low or going to expire?
  • Have you ever had a system that provides you immediate access to a patient’s immunization history, whether administered by a public or private provider within the state?

NESIIS can do all of these items and much more. The system includes a solid de-duplication and associated data quality/management tools to combine all available information of a particular individual into a single, accurate record. An interface with the Nebraska vital and death records system keeps NESIIS updated with newborn information.

In addition, NESIIS is a great tool to ease your organization into EMR and if you already have EMR, no problem. NESIIS has the capability to electronically exchange data with your EMR system.

Benefits for Providers

  • Access to real-time clinical immunization information and provide current vaccine recommendations

  • Reduce paperwork and staff time in obtaining records and responding to record requests

  • Ability to instantly print a child’s official immunization record for school enrollment

  • Automated vaccine inventory adjusts each time a shot is administered

  • Online inventory management

  • Prevents unnecessary immunizations

  • Assists with identifying missing immunizations

  • Helps prevents disease outbreaks

  • Identifies populations at high risk for vaccine-preventable diseases

  • Assists in interpreting the complex vaccination schedule requirements and new vaccines or changes

  • Reduce staff time needed to produce recall and reminder notices

  • Provides a system that can maintain immunization records from many different clinics and doctor’s offices

  • Saves parents time going to the doctor’s office or clinic to obtain a copy of their children’s immunization records because many schools can check immunization records online

  • Provides schools with quick easy access to immunization records, even if the child received vaccines at more than one clinic.

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