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One-fourth (26.8 percent) of students in the West Central District Health Department (WCDHD) three-county service area are either overweight or at risk for being overweight and 38.5 percent are obese. In addition, two of the five risky behaviors identified in Nebraska's 2007-2008 Behavioral Risk Factor Survey and MAPP Community Themes and Strengths Survey for the WCDHD service area were (1) obesity and (2) lack of exercise. The Healthy Schools - Healthy Kids program was piloted in 2009-2010, targeting elementary and middle school children. WCDHD has expanded the program to partner with six schools (one middle school and five elementary schools) and work with those schools to form wellness teams that will utilize the School Health Index (SHI) assessment and planning guide to (1) identify the strengths and weaknesses of their school health promotion policies and programs; (2) develop an action plan for improving student health; and (3) involve teachers, parents, students and the community in improving school policies, programs, and services. Environmental and policy changes made by the schools will have a long-term impact on the lifestyle choices of students and families.

For more information, contact the NAFH staff at (402) 471-2101.

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