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The target population for the project will be area businesses in the Elkhorn Logan Valley Public Health Department’s (ELVPHD) coverage area of Madison, Stanton, Cuming, and Burt Counties. Our project will address the alarming rates of cardiovascular disease by focusing on improving the health of individuals in the work environment. The Nursing and Wellness Unit Manger with ELVPHD will serve as the project coordinator. The program will begin with the development of worksite wellness teams for each business consisting of multiple members from the workplace who are concerned about the health and wellness of their workers. The teams from each business will then complete a worksite wellness assessment tool and the employees of the selected businesses will participate in a health risk assessment (HRA) to gather baseline employee health data. After completing the worksite wellness assessment and the HRA, the teams will be able to work on developing policy and environmental changes that affect multiple levels within the worksite setting. These changes will focus on improvements in areas such as physical activity, nutrition, safety or the reduction of environmental tobacco smoke. These changes will be sustainable and will have a significant impact on the worksite.

For more information, contact the NAFH staff at (402) 471-2101.

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