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The ECDHD service area target population of children under the age of five in child care facilities is at high risk for obesity due to the risk factors in the general population of the district. Addressing obesity is important because it is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease and cancer, which are the two leading causes of death in the United States.

NA SACC is an evidence-based program that focuses on child care facilities or preschools to lower the obesity rate in children. The ultimate purpose of this proposal is to reduce obesity rates in the East Central District Health Department services area by providing a comprehensive educational program for child care facilities to reach children ages two to five and their families. The innovation that ECDHD can offer in the NAP SACC implementation planning is the roll-out of this program tailored to two unique community sub-sets 1) a high Hispanic/Latino community; and 2) a rural population that has a low rate of educational attainment and a high rate of children in poverty.

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