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A Mom's Story: Overcoming Depression

"I knew that I had to do it for myself."

Nebraska DHHS: Perinatal Depression: Overcoming Depression My doctor said I had postpartum depression and that antidepressants and counseling would help me feel better. The doctor and staff were very supportive and helped me develop a care plan that day.

In the beginning, I was afraid to admit I needed help. But I now realize postpartum depression doesn't mean you're a weak person or a bad mother. It means you're a person with a physical ailment who needs treatment to get better.

Counseling helped tremendously, and the medication regulated my moods. Getting help was absolutely necessary for me and for my children. Today, I enjoy my family so much more. I am more independent and confident in myself and my abilities as a mother and a person. I have a positive outlook on the future.

If you are depressed, have faith in yourself. It doesn't mean you're a bad mom, and seeking help doesn't mean that you are weak. Talk to your health care provider, because this can make a big difference.

- Jane

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