Nebraska Child Death Review Team

Top 5 Causes of Death for Children in Nebraska for 2009

  1. Pregnancy-Related
    – 65 deaths
  2. Birth Defects
    – 56 deaths
  3. Motor Vehicle-Related Incidents – 32 deaths
  4. Sudden Unexpected Infant Death 
    – 23 deaths
  5. General Medical Conditions 
    – 18 deaths



Preventability of Child Deaths Survey Graphic 

Preventability of Child Deaths
For approximately 34% of the deaths, CDRT reviewers somewhat or strongly agreed with the statements:
This death was preventable - standard-of-care medical management would have changed the circumstances that led to death. (Medical cases)

This death was preventable - an individual or community could reasonably have done something that would have changed the circumstances that led to death. (Non-medical cases)



Key Recommendations for Future Prevention

 Goal: Promote healthy lifestyles for reproductive age women.
Key Strategy: Include preconception care as a vital and routine part of care for reproductive age women.
Target Audience: Nebraska Medical Association and members

Goal: Improve assistance to children with disabilities and their families/caregivers.
Key Strategy: Nebraska’s home visitation programs should increase the priority of service delivery to families of children with severe disabilities.
Target Audience: Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services and local partners

Goal: Promote safe and supportive environments for children
Key Strategy: The Nebraska Medical Association and their members should take the lead on dispelling myths about vaccine safety and promoting infant and child vaccinations.
Target Audience: Nebraska Medical Association and pediatric providers

Goal: Improve the quality of the investigation and documentation of child deaths.
Key Strategy: Actively promote, implement and expand the state’s existing protocol on child death scene investigations, including a regional system of experts in death scene investigations.
Target Audience: Nebraska Attorney General’s Office, Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center, Nebraska County Attorneys Association

For more information, contact:
Jennifer Severe-Oforah
Maternal Child Health Epidemiology Coordinator

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