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In Nebraska, we believe that:
  • Young people have the capacity to be healthy.
  • Young people have the resources to be healthy.
  • Young people are actively involved and contributing in their community

Adolescence represents a special time in the life cycle.  It is a time of great physical, emotional, mental and social change.  During this stage, youth are accomplishing important tasks and making choices that will affect them during adulthood.  They are setting the foundation for their health and well-being as adults.

Adolescence comes with special challenges and opportunities.  It is a journey from childhood to full adulthood.  You can help youth in their journey by encouraging good choices and supporting healthy behaviors.

Multi-cultural teenagers sitting on the stairs.A healthy adolescent is one who:

  • Displays positive behaviors
  • Engages in a healthy lifestyle
  • Has access to supportive resources
  • Has the ability to function at the greatest capacity

Michaela Jennings, M.A.
Adolescent Health Program Manager
(402) 471-0538 (office); (402) 416-6746 (cell) or 1-800-801-1122

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