Maternal, Child, Adolscent Health
Adolescent Health Program

Health Topics

Teen Pregnancy Prevention
 Nebraska AHPYD-PREP State Plan Abstract 

Nebraska FY16-AEGP Application Abstract

Nutrition, Fitness and Obesity
     Nutrition and Activity for Health 
     Centers for Disease Control - Nutrition, Physical Activity & Obesity

Reproductive Health
     Title X Reproductive Health Program 
     HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care
     Sexually Transmitted Diseases

 Health Disparities and Health Equity
     Office of Health Disparities & Health Equity
     Centers for Disease Control & Prevention - Health Disparities Information 

Substance Use and Abuse
     Tobacco Prevention
     Alcohol and Substance Abuse
     Drug Facts-Science Behind Drug Abuse 

Injury Prevention
     Injury and Violence

     Driving Restrictions by Nebraska's   Graduated Driver Licensing

Suicide Prevention Resources

Bryan Health Counseling & Mental Health 

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Nebraska LOSS (Local Outreach to Suicide Survivors) Team 

Learn Psychology’s Suicide and Depression Awareness for Students 

Nebraska Youth Suicide Prevention Early Identification and Referral Form: Please complete an Early Identification and Referral Form online each time you have contact with a youth you believe is at risk for suicide. This information helps us count and report the number of youth identified at risk and referred for services by suicide prevention trainees. To complete the online form, visit the Nebraska Youth Suicide Prevention web page (, and click on the Identification & Referral link under EIRF Form Links on the upper right side of the Home page. The form is estimated to take 5 minutes to complete.

Teri Perkins (, Research Specialist
University of Nebraska Public Policy Center
Tel: (402) 472-5678, Fax: (402) 472-5679

For more information, contact:

Michaela Jennings, M.A.
Adolescent Health Program Manager
(402) 471-0538 (office); (402) 416-6746 (cell) or 1-800-801-1122

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