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Laboratory Invoicing and Statement Policies 

The Nebraska Public Health Environmental Laboratory (NPHEL) is not supported by general funds.  The fees charged by the laboratory is our sole source of revenue to provide your system with quality water testing.  In order for us to operate the laboratory in an efficient manner, we rely on our customers to pay their invoices in a timely fashion.

Invoices for Public Water Systems are mailed out around the first of each month and invoices for Walk-in customers are mailed weekly.  Every invoice is due 30 days from the invoice date.  Invoices list the type of analysis, sample number, collection date, location, and collector.  This information is obtained from the sample submission forms that accompany the sample kits and can be used as a tool to match invoices to test results.  Statements are issued around the middle of each month to accounts with outstanding overdue accounts.

The laboratory implemented a policy effective October 1, 2011 regarding accounts that are greater than 60 days past due.  Customer accounts that are two or more months past the invoice due date will be put on hold.  If you do not receive your kits when you expect them to arrive, check to make sure that your accounts information is current and your account is not past due.  All account information should be kept updated to ensure proper invoicing and kit shipment.  Please contact the laboratory with any of the following changes as soon as they occur:  account name changes, account contact changes, address changes, and all phone number changes for either the owner, water operator, and/or account payable contact.  Remember that we need the correct information to properly provide you timely service.

Sample kits for past due accounts may be held until the customer either pays their account in full or makes prior payment arrangements with the laboratory.  If prior arrangements are made, prepayment will be required for future testing until the account is paid in full.  When paying your account, please send your payment, along with the remittance copy of the invoice.  This helps us credit the payment to the appropriate account and invoice.  If an account is put on hold, payment for future testing will be required when you mail in your sample kit, if the payment is not included with the sample, it may not be tested or reported until payment is received.

Please do not request more kits than you will use in a 90 day period.  Sample kits are good for only 90 days.  If the kit is not used prior to the end of that 90 day period, you will be billed for that non-returned kit and the postage to mail the kit to you.  If you return the kit unused you will be billed only for the postage to mail you the kit.

For accounts receivable questions, call 402-471-8441 or 402-471-8407.