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Laboratory Inspections

The following pertains to all laboratories located in Nebraska:

The Department shall conduct an inspection at least once every three years to determine if the laboratory is meeting the required standards for certification based on the requirements of Federal and State regulations.  The Department may recognize an on-site inspection conducted by EPA or National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (NELAP), provided their standards are at least as stringent as those required by State of Nebraska regulations.

The Department can conduct an inspection of a certified laboratory or a laboratory applying for certification at any time during standard working hours.

The Department shall document any deficiencies from the standards and/or note any recommendations for the laboratory within 60 calendar days of the inspection.

The inspected laboratory shall respond in writing to each deficiency and/or recommendation noted in the onsite inspection report with an acceptable plan of correction and completion date within 30 calendar days.

There will be a charge for each inspection performed:

Bacteriological examination - $150

Inorganic chemical analysis - $100

Heavy metal analysis - $200

Organic chemical analysis - $200

Radiochemical analysis - $200