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Public Health Environmental Laboratory

The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services Public Health Environmental Laboratory has been in business for over 80 years.  It is located at 3701 South 14th Street in Lincoln, Nebraska.  The laboratory employs seventeen full-time staff.  Trained qualified chemists, laboratory scientists, and laboratory technicians, under supervision of a management team, perform all testing.  The Public Health Environmental Laboratory is certified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA).  The U.S. EPA performs on-site audits every three years.

Lab Contacts

Main Laboratory - (402) 471-2122

Automated Phone Attendant Options

  1. For public water supply results, press 1 (471-8449)

  2. For sample kits, press 2 (471-3935)

  3. For assistance with private well questions, press 3 (471-6435)

  4. For questions regarding an invoice received from the lab, press 4 (471-8441)

  5. For questions regarding a bill you have sent to the lab, press 5 (471-8458)

  6. For blood alcohol testing, press 6 (471-8460)

  7. To speak to the receptionist, press 7

Laboratory Manager: 
Mary Boden
(402) 471-8441  E-Mail:

Assistant Lab Manager:
Laurie Wieting
(402) 471-8407 E-Mail:



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