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Getting Your Results

Getting Your Results

Results are processed by Customer Service only after the testing data has been reviewed by two analysts.  Results are mailed to the client once both reviews are completed and the report has been reviewed for completeness and accuracy by management.  Private account results are not released over the phone.

Please allow sufficient time for the testing and the review process before inquiring about your results.  (See the Analyte/Price List for normal turn around time for each test method).  Call Customer Service at (402) 471-8449 to check the status of your results.  Results are only released to the clients on the sample request form.  When you call for a result, please have your NE31 or NE32 account number (if you are a Public Water System or School), client name, and lab number (the P# from your barcode label) available to help us track your sample; or for sample results for Public Water Supply Systems, access the Nebraska Health and Human Services Safe Drinking Water Information System (SDWIS). Follow directions to navigate to your public water system and sample results.

Reading and Interpreting Your Results

Examples of our laboratory analytical reports (PDFChemistry Report) or (PDFBacti Report) can be found along with information on how to read and interpret your report.

Retention of Records & Report Retrieval

Reprints of final reports less than one year old can be mailed to you within 24 hours of request.  Reports more than one year old may require up to several weeks to be retrieved from the state's records management system.