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Pursuant to Section 5 of the RFA, the Immunization Program has modified the date to post Notice of Intent to Award from November 12th to November 21st.


Every year over 25,000 babies are born in the State of Nebraska. Each of these children starts with an immunization coverage level of zero.

The goal of the Nebraska Immunization Program is to help communities provide a local preventative health program designed to meet each area’s individual needs while maintaining quality of service. The program provides funding, vaccines, and training to immunization clinics and private providers throughout the state to vaccinate children from birth through 18 years of age.

Vaccine-preventable disease has declined by over 99% since the introduction of vaccines. Outbreaks can occur when vaccination levels decrease. Immunizations are one of the most effective and cost efficient ways to prevent disease. For every dollar spent on immunizations, it saves as much as $29.00 in direct and indirect health costs.

The goal of the Federal Childhood Immunization Initiative is to have at least 90% of all children immunized by 2 years of age. As of 2009, the immunization rate for 2-year-olds in the United States was 70.5% and Nebraska’s immunization rate was 65.4% for those 2 and under.   This assessment is based on 2-year-olds having received 4 DTaP, 3 Polio, 1 MMR, 3 HepB, 1 Varicella and 4 Pneumococcal vaccinations.

The program also provides information about adult immunization and international travel immunizations.

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Contact Information

Immunization Program
PO Box 95026
Lincoln, NE 68509-5026

Phone: (402) 471-6423 or (800) 798-1696
FAX: (402 471-6426