Immunization Program : Scheduling an Appointment

If you want your children or yourself to be immunized, you should make an appointment with your physician or public immunization clinic so they can prepare for your visit.

All public immunization clinics accept walk-in visits, but the wait may be longer than if an appointment is made.

Be sure to bring your or your child’s immunization records with you to each visit. The staff will complete them after the immunization so you will have an up-to-date record of your visit. They will also tell you when to come back for the next immunization visit.

Public immunization clinics accept donations for immunizations. No one is turned away if they cannot make a donation.

When you arrive at an immunization clinic, immunization records are checked. The staff will give you information sheets about the vaccines you or your child is getting, which should be read prior to receiving the immunizations. They will also ask some questions about your health or the health of your child and past immunizations.

Remember, your help is vital in teaching children immunizations hurt for a few minutes, but protect for a lifetime.

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