Preventive Health and Health Services (PHHS)
Block Grant

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Eligibility for funds from the  Preventive Health and Health Services (PHHS) Block Grant is generally limited to projects operated by DHHS and local and district health departments. 

Purpose and description:
The PHHS Block Grant allows Nebraska the flexibility to  identify key health problems and determine how to address them. The PHHS Block Grant is used to:

  • Find out about the health status of the people of Nebraska.
  • Decide what needs to be done to improve and protect health.
  • Work together with partners to improve and protect health.
  • Make it possible for people to get preventive health services.
  • Target services and education to people at high risk of disease and injury.
  • Find out whether the programs have improved and protected health as planned.

What these funds do for Nebraska
The PHHS Block Grant currently funds nearly 30 projects that address a variety of priority health issues. These projects help Nebraska be healthier by:

  • Promoting the development of worksite wellness across the state. 
  • Encouraging healthy eating, breast feeding and increased physical activity to prevent obesity.
  • Protecting children from injury in car crashes,  older adults from falls and increasing awareness of traumatic brain injury.
  • Doing health needs assessment, data collection,  analysis and application to public health practice.
  • Promoting oral health among young children and older adults.
  • Working to reduce health disparities among racial and ethnic minorities.
  • Helping Local Health Departments plan ways to improve health in their geographic coverage areas.
  • Providing laboratory testing for sexually transmitted diseases at public clinics.
  • Preventing sexual assault and helping victims of sexual assault.

The PHHS Block Grant funds are an investment in prevention. The pay-off is decreased health care costs in the future. The PHHS Block Grant helps to reach the objectives set out in Healthy People  2020 National Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Objectives.



Federal Preventive Health & Health Services Block Grant Resource Materials  

Nebraska Preventive Health Advisory Committee, and documents:

       Federal PHHS Block Grant Website
       Nebraska Success Story


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