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Cancer Prevention: 8 Ways to Protect Yourself

1. Avoid Smoking and Secondhand Smoke:
2. Practice Safe Sex:
3. Stay on top of Prostate Health:
4. Hit the Gym
5. Eat a Sensible Diet
6. Be Sun Savvy
7. Perform Monthly Testicular Self Exams
8. Know Your Family History of Cancer

pdf file Cancer Prevention and Early Detection Worksheet for Men American Cancer Society Logo
     from the American Cancer Society

This worksheet provides helpful information on the most common cancers that can affect you as a man. A checklist shows what can increase your risk, and a second list shows how you can lower this risk. The early detection column shows ways that you can detect cancer early, when it is most easily treated. The final column on the worksheet allows room for you to write down your own plan of action to help prevent or detect cancer.

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