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Healthy Communities Grant

Nebraska's Healthy Communities Grant Program provides local health departments and communities with funding, tools, strategies, and training for creating policy, systems, and environmental changes to improve individual's health.

Foster Healthy Weight in Youth

The Foster Healthy Weight in Youth model is designed to equip primary care providers with tools to effectively assess, prevent and treat childhood overweight and obesity.

NPAO Advisory Group

The Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity Advisory Group is charged with overseeing implementation and revision of the Nebraska Physical Activity and Nutrition State Plan.

Centennial Mall Garden Market

A seasonal worksite garden market serving employees in the downtown Lincoln area by increasing access to local fresh fruits and veggies.

Mothers' Room

The Mothers' Room is a private, secure and clean space for working mothers in the Nebraska State Office Building to express milk when  they return to work and wish to continue breastfeeding. 

Whatcha doin? Campaign

A campaign for high school students that promotes eating fruits and veggies and being active through peer-to-peer marketing tactics. The campaign uses traditional media to extend the campaign into the community.

Coordinated School Health

The Coordinated School Health model consists of eight interactive components and provides a practical, systematic, and cost-efficient approach to achieve the supports needed to promote the adoption of health enhancing behaviors in schools.

Nebraska Healthy Child Care Project and Resources

Healthy eating and physical activity are vital to a young child's growth and development.  These behaviors begin early in life and are fostered by the supportive child care centers and homes.  Creating a healthy atmosphere requires leadership and commitment.  Nebraska child care providers have an important role to play to ensure that children in their care are served healthy foods and have time to be active throughout the day.

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