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Coordinated School Health Program

Coordinated School Health includes:   Health Education  Physical Education  Health Services  Nutrition Services  Counseling and Psychological Services  Healthy School Environment   Health Promotion for Staff  Family/Community Involvement
Coordinated School Health (CSH) is based on the premise that schools can improve students' academic performance and overall physical well being by promoting health in a systematic way.  It emphasizes needs assessments; planning based on data, sound science, and analysis of gaps and redundancies in school health programming; and evaluation. 

Coordinated School Health outlines eight components that schools must address to tend to students' holistic health needs:

  1. Health Education
  2. Physical Education
  3. Health Services
  4. Nutrition Services
  5. Counseling and Psychological Services
  6. Healthy School Environment
  7. Health Promotion for Staff
  8. Family/Community Involvement

Many of these programs are already in place in schools, but are often fragmented. 

Coordinated School Health is a system designed to purposefully integrate the efforts and resources of education and health to provide a full set of programs without duplication or fragmentation.  It provides a practical, systematic, and cost-efficient approach to achieve the supports needed to promote the adoption of health enhancing behaviors.

For more information, contact the NAFH staff at (402) 471-2101.

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