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Office of Health Disparities and Health Equity
Division of Public Health
Community and Rural Health Planning Unit
Community and Environmental Health Section
City/Title Name Phone
Administrator Josie Rodriguez, BS, MS (402) 471-1409
Staff Assistant Cindy Harmon (402) 471-0152
Health Program Manager/Native American Liaison Blanca Ramirez-Salazar, MCRP (402) 610-1910
Epidemiology Surveillance Coordinator Anthony Zhang, MA (402) 471-8189
Program Analyst Whitney Clausen, MPH (402) 471-9045
Research Analyst Shandana Khattak, BS (402) 471-0139
Health Program Manager Diane Lowe, MAM (402) 471-0881
Community Health Educator Danna Bacon, MA (402) 471-6728



Health Program Manager 



Maria Hines, MCP




(402) 362-4150

Community Health Educator Jessie Perez

(308) 865-5540

Health Program Manager Dianne Harrop, MS (402) 595-1429
Community Health Educator Chante' Chambers (402) 595-1427
Community Health Educator Dave Micheels, BS (308) 436-6515