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Office of Health Disparities and Health Equity
Division of Public Health
Community and Rural Health Planning Unit
Community and Environmental Health Section





Administrator Josie Rodriguez, BS, MS (402) 471-1409
Staff Assistant Cindy Harmon (402) 471-0152
Health Program Manager/Native American Liaison Blanca Ramirez-Salazar, MCRP (402) 610-1910
Epidemiology Surveillance Coordinator Anthony Zhang, MA (402) 471-8189
Health Program Manager Diane Lowe, MAM (402) 471-0881
Community Health Educator Danna Bacon, MA (402) 471-6728

Statistical Analysis

Asserewou Etekpo

(402) 471-0811

CDC PublicHealth Associate
Elizabeth Dee

(402) 471-0837

​Program Analysis ​Brittney Kapustina, MA ​​(402) 471-9045


Health Program Manager Maria Hines, MCP ​(402) 362-4150



Community Health Educator Jessie Perez

(308) 865-5540



Health Program Manager Dianne Harrop, MS (402) 595-1429
Community Health Educator Chante' Chambers (402) 595-1427



Community Health Educator Dave Micheels, BS (308) 436-6515


Minority Health Council  

The Nebraska Minority Health Council provides advice and guidance to the Office. The Council consists of up to 25 members who represent Nebraska's racial/ethnic minorities, consumers, providers, advocates, across geographic regions of the State.

Members are appointed by the Director of the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services. Meetings are hosted on a quarterly basis, or more often if needed.
Strategic Plan for Minority Health Council -

If you are interested in being part of the Minority Health Council, please send your resume and contact information to the Office of Health Disparities and Health Equity, PO Box 95026, Lincoln, NE 68509-5026 or email


Minority Health Council Members: 

Janelle Ali-Dinar, PhD - Chair
MedFirst Partners
Leslie Marsh, MSNBA - Vice Chair
Mindy Anderson-Knott, MA

Lexington Regional Health Center

UNL Social & Behavioral Science Research Constortium

Anne Yu Buettner, LMHP
Rosario Velasco 
Marriage & Family Therapist, Mental Health Practitioner
East Central District Health Department
Ashlei Spivey, BA
Rubab Husain, MD
Aravind Menon, MBBS, MPH
Brenda Nickol, MPH
Roy Rivera, BIB
Alfonzo Shade, BGS
Energize the Chain
UNMC College of Public Health
El Centro de Las Americas
Charles Drew Health Center
Arturo Spindola, MD
Latino American Commission


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