Asthma in Nebraska

Asthma is an important public health problem. It is the leading work-related lung disease and one of the leading causes of school absenteeism in our country. It affected 17 million U.S. residents in 1998; of whom, over 112,000 were Nebraskans. Asthma also affects the economy of our nation. It has been estimated that in 1996 the cost of asthma treatment was $11 billion.

According to a 1998 report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Nebraska’s asthma mortality was the second highest in the nation during 1990-1995.

We have examined information from Nebraska death certificates and have confirmed CDC’s finding. Our findings indicate that, while most of Nebraska deaths occurred among the 65 years of age and older age group, the highest asthma emergency room visit and hospitalization rates occurred among children fourteen and under.

We have prepared the "Asthma in Nebraska" report for the purpose of assisting the Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services in establishing the baseline for a statewide asthma surveillance system, and providing state-specific data for policy makers, public health administrators, and health care professionals.

The report describes the burden of asthma in the state in terms of deaths, hospitalizations, visits to the emergency room and to the doctor’s office. The report also includes information on self-reported asthma in the adult population of Nebraska.

PDF file Asthma in Nebraska, 1987-1998 Epidemiology Report

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