Nebraska's Public Water Supply Program


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Continuing Education Hours - as of 10/9/2018

Revised Total Coliform Rule 

PDF The Water Spout



PDF Nebraska Coalition Water Training Schedule 

PDF Nebraska Coalition Water Training Calendar Style

Laboratory Analyte Fees

PDF Nebraska's Public Water Supply Program Annual Report

Capacity Development

Drinking Water Watch
  - Safe Drinking Water Information System

PDF Field Territory Map

PDF Governor's Appointed Advisory Council
on Public Water Supply

PDF Nebraska Safe Drinking Water Act

Title 179 Regulations Governing Public Water Supply Systems

Referenced Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) as they existed on March 22, 2016.


Water Conservation and Drought Information

Managing a Small Town Public Water System Video SeriesYouTube Video
  1. Intro
  2. Financial                        
  3. Technical
  4. Treatment
  5. Cross Connection

PDF  Sample Site Plan - Zones 1-2

PDF  Sample Site Plan - Zones 1-7

PDF  Sample Site Plan - Zones 1-12

PDF  Sample Site Plan - Zones 1-16


Application for Water Operator License Reinstatement

Application for Water Operator Training Courses and Exams

Contingency/Emergency Response Plan for Community Water Systems

Contingency/Emergency Response Plan for Non-Transient Non-Community Systems

Critical Information and Emergency Phone Contact List for Public Water Systems

Disinfection Use Report - Submit completed form to Mary Poe.

Drinking Water Needs Survey Form

Proposed Well Site Application (EE127 A & B)

Water/Wastewater Preapplication Process Form




Questions or concerns about drinking water:



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