Diabetes Prevention and Control Program
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Materials available from the Nebraska Diabetes Prevention and Control Program

PDF  Have Diabetes? Consider a Tobacco-Free Life. (Pamphlet)

PDF  ¿Tiene diabetes? Considere una vida sin tabaco. (Pamphlet)

PDF  Many People Have DIABETES  - Do You? (Pamphlet)

PDF  Mucha Gente Tiene Diabetes ...   ¿USTED? (Pamphlet)

PDF Take Heart - Live a Healthy Latino Life (Brochure)

PDF Animese - Viva una vida latina saludable (Brochure)

PDF "Take Heart" - For a Healthy African American's Life (Brochure)

PDF Living in Balance in Native American Tradition (Brochure)

PDF Healthy Diabetes Recipes and More (Cookbook)



Materials available from www.cdc.gov/diabetes/home/

Materials order form from the National Diabetes Education Program

Materials available from the American Diabetes Association




Contact Information
Diabetes Prevention and Control Program
Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services
P.O. Box 95026
Lincoln, NE 68509-5026

Phone: (402) 471-4411
1-800-745-9311 (ask for Diabetes Program)
E-mail: dhhs.diabetes@nebraska.gov

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